About Service Statistics

Service Statistics is the main source of Family Planning performance Data at the National level. This component deals with close monitoring of the RH-FP-MCH services. Geographically, the country is divided into 23,500 working units for the purpose of FP services. The field workers unit consists of 5-6 thousand populations with an average of around 1000-1100 eligible couples. Each worker is assigned the task of visiting all the eligible couples in her unit within a period of two months. There was provision for updating eligible couples for three years after initial registration. Field workers keep track of eligible couples in their assigned catchments areas. Data on current use of contraceptives are being recorded continuously in the Field Workers Record Keeping Book (FWA Register). The main feature under this system is the derivation of contraceptive estimates by village, ward/unit (i.e. by workers), union, sub-district, division and national levels. Besides, pregnancy estimates, births and deaths (all deaths) vaccination status of mothers and children and monthly stock balance of contraceptives, etc. are recorded through the system. For reporting of information from the Field Workers Record Keeping Books (FWA Register), five types of reporting forms are used at different levels under the system. This process of reporting system will continue.
Main objectives of the Service Statistics are:[Details]
Service Statistics Data Flow System :[Details]
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Service Statistics are:
  • To ensure regular flow of information and facilitate the program monitoring;
  • Timely publication of MIS reports;
  • Implementation of different types of recording & reporting tools throughout the country;
  • To identify low performing areas and causes of low performance to help formulate strategies for improving program performance;
  • To strengthen overall capability of MIS in producing periodical reports and statements for meeting the increasing demands of RH-FP-MCH information;
  • To enhance data processing capability of MIS;
  • Data collection and reporting to be gender-disaggregated whenever relevant from a gender-equity perspective;
  • To developing GIS for improving monitoring and HRM; and
  • To design an integrated MIS consolidating data from a range of sources of service delivery.
  • Design, develop, print & implement FWA register throughout the country for improved recording and reporting of service statistics
  • Validate and improve recording and reporting on sample basis for assurance of quality data;
  • Collect, compile, analyze and publish report on couple registration data;
  • Procure and install computers with its accessories in phases at different levels
  • Provide back-up support to keep computers operational, already installed in the Upazila/District/Divisional Family Planning offices
Service Statistics Data Flow System:
MIS Unit, DGFP, 6 Kowran Bazar, Dhaka 1215